For our customers that require some assistance in obtaining maximum benefit from Nikon's DigiMicro products, NanoWave will provide technical support. For our larger VARs this basic assistance may be free of charge or included as part of warranty support.

For more specialized needs, other services NanoWave offers may be applicable.

For customers developing their own nano-scale motion control systems, NanoWave can assist with many aspects of the project:

  • High-level design and strategy (given customer requirements and goals).
  • Mechanical design options, plus technology selection advice.
  • Encoder & digital control options, plus technology selection advice.
  • Integration and testing.

It is not necessary that the customer use DigiMicro or SPPE encoders or other NanoWave products or technologies.

NanoWave's NanoRes FPGA firmware provides interpolation for standard A Quad B encoders yielding higher resolution, lower latency and many other advantages over existing interpolators.

It is currently implemented for Xilinx's Spartan 3 and Spartan 3e FPGAs.

However, for customers who need high-performance FPGA-based control logic that is similar to, but differs from, our standard FPGA based firmware, NanoWave can customize its firmware with additional or modified features. Depending on the contract arrangements, these customizations may be provided on an exclusive basis to the customer.

Please contact NanoWave for more information on this product if you are planning an FPGA-based motion control processor or are just curious how much better it can be.

For customers licensing NanoWave technologies to build their own products, NanoWave will assist with realization of the technology to meet the customer's unique objectives in a timely fashion though consulting, custom development, integration and testing.

Also See Technology Licensing.