Nanowave will license patents and other intellectual property rights to its SPPE technology as well as FPGA firmware developed by NanoWave for use with SPPE-type encoders. The firmware provides the high-speed signal processing necessary to extract position, velocity and other information from the encoder with ultra-high resolution and high signal bandwidth.

We will also license our NanoRES™ FPGA firmware for use with any standard A Quad B encoders (including DigiMicro). This firmware extracts position, velocity and other information with greater resolution, higher signal bandwidth and less latency than other interpolators.

NanoWave also provides services to our licensing partners such as consulting, custom development and integration services to shorten the time to market for its customers.

If you are interested in a technology licensing arrangment, see below and contact us for more information.

NanoWave offers its NanoRES firmware to companies developing their own motion control boards or companies needing a small, high-performance embedded custom motion controller.

Typically these are non-exclusive licenses, and may be tied to a certain application or market.